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MUA Luxe Palette

15 January 2014

Out of all the new products launched in the MUA Luxe range, I was most excited about the Pretty Edgy palette. Unfortunately they didn't release it until just before Christmas, so I had a while to wait! As soon as they announced that it was available on their website, I placed my order and it has finally arrived!

For starters, I love the packaging. I'm sure I'll get annoyed at the sticky fingerprints all over it eventually but for now, it's love. The studs make it look so interesting, I really like that MUA are starting to put more effort and imagination into their packaging design.

Inside the palette we have 6 shimmery shadows, 4 mattes, a double ended applicator, and a huuuge mirror. I'm not too fussed about the mattes, apart from the gorgeous pinky rose shade on the end, the shimmers are where I'm at! These are beautiful! Gorgeous dusky pinks and shiny pale silvers, I think I might be in love. This does remind me of the Vintage Romance palette from Sleek, except it's leaning more towards paler pinks. 

Overall, I'm really impressed with this palette! I've been wearing the shimmers this week at work, and they've got great lasting power, even without a primer.
I can't wait to see what other palettes MUA bring out this year, but I'm definitely hoping for a Naked 3 dupe at some point.
The Pretty Edgy palette is £8 and is available here.



  1. Such a lovely palette! i bought theyre undressed one last week which im also loving at the moment, but some of those colours are gorgeous and the packaging is so cute, may need to buy this one too!

  2. That's a really gorgeous palette, I'm drooling over the pics! :)

  3. Ohh these look like lovely shades, I love the look of Toile and Ruffle. The studs are really nice too!
    I've not bought anything from MUA in a while, I think it might be time to give them another go :)

    Jess xo

  4. The packaging is gorgeous and shadows look lovely as well :)

    Pink Frenzy

  5. The colours are super pretty <3 deffo looking for this next time i'm in town :)