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Memebox Superbox #43 2014 F/W Colors

03 September 2014

I spent pretty much all of last week desperately waiting for my latest Memebox to arrive, and when it did finally get here I was super excited! This is the first make up based box that I have ordered from Memebox, all the others have been skincare.

The theme of this box is 2014 fall/winter colours, and the box contains a mix of gorgeous berry shades and shimmery greens. Not the easiest colours to wear, but I'll definitely be experimenting!

One of the first items I picked out was this gorgeous blush ($14) from Witch's Pouch. This blush was listed on the website as a spoiler, but I was still pretty excited to try it out. I love a good blush, and this shade (which is called Sexy Swan by the way...) is great for my skintone. The blush pan lifts up to reveal a cute brush underneath as well which I always appreciate.

 Below I've swatched it twice, to show you what the colour looks like when it's been built up. It's a lovely shimmery coral pink.

We also received a second Witch's Pouch product in the form of a super creamy lipstick ($12). I can't remember the name of the shade I received, but it's a very deep burgundy colour. I'm not entirely sure that it suits me, but It's definitely a gorgeous colour for winter.

Also, how cute is the packaging? It's so Tim Burton, I love it!

Everyone knows I'm a sucker for a shimmery eye, but green isn't the easiest colour to wear! Having swatched this though, I am definitely going to have to find a way to wear this gorgeous colour. This is the first of three items from DD'ell in this box and is worth $11.

Below, we have a lighter swatch on the bottom, and the top swatch is more built up. As you can see, even the lighter swatch is super pigmented!

We also received two of the Stay Forever Gel Eye Pencils (£14 each) from DD'ell. Initially, I was super impressed with these. They apply incredibly easily and softly, and have a gorgeous shimmer to them. They also really do last forever. The only way I could remove the swatches from my hand was by scrubbing at them in the shower. All very impressive. However, I had thought that these would twist up at the ends to reveal more product but they don't. Either my eye liners are broken, or these are a total rip off!

Beautiful colours though, I'm sure you'll agree!

This cute Angel Liptint ($8) is such a perfect addition to the box. Nothing says autumn like a berry red lip but I do tend to find tints very drying. This one is also quite difficult to work with. You end up with a lot of product on the wand so I had to try and blot a lot of the excess away. It also tastes terrible! The remaining colour is really nice though, it's just whether you're prepared to go through the faff of applying it in the first place!

I am absolutely in love with this ridiculous nail polish! I've never seen a polish with a lid like this before, but I actually found that it made the application much easier. The colour is a sort of muted glittery purple, it's lovely! At $4, it's not the most expensive item in the box but I still think it's great.

Overall, the value of this box is $77. I paid $29.99 for it (including postage) so it's another fantastic value for money box from Memebox. I'm definitely going to be keeping my eye out for more make up based boxes in the future, even though some of products in this box weren't for me.

Have you tried Memebox yet?


  1. I found the lip stain a bit fiddly too but thought it was just be being clumsy! I love the daft nail polish too!
    No my eyeliners didn't twist up either - in fact none of the ones I've got in memeboxes do - it really confused me the first time, and I nearly broke one trying to get it to twist but I'm used to it now and hadn't given it much thought until you'd mentioned it! They usually sharpen up ok with a normal pencil sharpener :)

  2. Oh wow I absolutely love everything you got! What an amazing box. I love Memebox so much xx

    Gemma |

  3. I'm in LOVE with the first Tim Burton lipsticks! I think it's beautiful on your skin tone :-) lovely blog, just follow on bloglovin!