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02 April 2011

Bloggy bloggy blog blog!
 I've toyed with the idea of blogs for a while now. I either feel bored with them after a while or I start to feel that no one really cares. Which is probably true, let's be honest. However! I have decided to start writing about books. I read an awful lot and would like to share my reading with you all, if you care. If you don't then thats fine, off you trot, find another bloggy blog.

I tend to read rather quickly, although I am trying to slow down because otherwise books seem to merge with each other and I end up thinking that I have read some interesting hybrid of supernatural romance with historical fiction. Someone should write that stuff. ANYHOO! I feel that my reviewing skills could do with some exercising, as I seem to be one of those "it was alright" people. It might turn out that I am a terrible reviewer, if so, I apologise.

The book I have most recently finished reading is 'The Shadow of Your Smile' by Mary Higgins Clark. I hadnt actually read anything by this author before, and was intrigued when this book was gifted to me on my birthday. New authors are always welcome into my harem of authory goodness and so I began reading almost straight away (I had to finish my other book off first naturally). BTW! PROBABLY GONNA BE SPOILERS ALL UP IN THIS JOINT.

I have to say I was slightly disappointed. The book itself has a seemingly interesting plot. Olivia Morrow is told by her doctor that she has 2 weeks to live, and she has a great big old secret that she doesn't know whether to share before she kicks the bucket, or keep to herself. Her cousin, Catherine had a baby just after becoming a nun. The father of said baby, was Alexander Gannon who became a world famous doctor and scientist, and also held medical patents. the patents are now bringing in a nice lump of money for Alexander's nephews, Greg and Peter. Peter is a big old dummy because he's pouring all this lovely cash into awful broadway productions (I know, right?) and Greg is running a financial company which is essentially fleecing every single one of his clients.
Now, back to the baby. The bubba was given up for adoption and has now grown up into lovely Monica Farrell who is a reasonably well-known paediatrician. Of course, shes the one who should be rolling around in all the lovely money that the Gannons are chucking about and Olivia knows this. So shes got a big old decision to make. But unfortunately shes a numpty and gets herself killed before she can tell the secret. Monica is then targeted in case she ever does find out. Hijinks ensue, you get the idea right?

It has the potential to be a really awesome story but I just couldnt get on with the authors style of writing. It's understandable that there are going to be a lot of characters in a book like this, all with different viewpoints, and I appreciate that it must be quite a challenge to a writer to try and represent them all. I liked that aspect of it, having a different character's view every chapter changes things around and keeps the storyline fresh. What I didn't like was the inner monologues. Inner monologues are HARD because everyone has a different way of thinking. I find that (and this may be just me) my thoughts dont tend to run along the lines of "oh I must do this and then I'll make sure to do this. I wonder if this is a possible thing BLAAAAAAAAAAA". It just seemed kind of stilted to me in places. Another issue was that I like my suspense to be suspensey. I like to be kept in the dark about the killers identity until the very end with a great big ol' climax and stuff. With this book, the killer is not immediately obvious, but pretty soon after that they are right there staring you in the face. Doing a little jig with "I'm a murderer" tattooed on thier forehead.

This book for me was spoilt by the ridiculous inner monologues and the lack of suspense. In places it is still an entertaining read, but I think I have been well and truly put off reading anything else by this author which is a shame. No new authory goodness for my harem, sadface! I think that out of 10, I would probably award this book 4. I feel kind of bad that my blog of reviews has had to start with a bad or at least, not good one, but you've gotta start somewhere right? The next book that I will be reviewing is Jodi Picoults 'Second Glance'.

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